Eating out - Lesson 2 - Self-Evaluation Quiz:

Io vorrei gli spaghetti alle vongole

(Ordering a meal and drinks)


(photo by  jeffreyw used under terms of Creative Commons license.)


situation 1: AUDIO ONLY

situation 2: On the menu you see mozzarella in carrozza. Ask the waiter what it is.

situation 3: AUDIO ONLY

situation 4: Say in Italian

a. I would like some chicken

b. I would like some fish today

situation 5: Say in Italian

a. I'll take some prosciutto (dry ham)

b. I'll take antipasto (hors d'oeuvres)

c. I'll take some green salad

d. I'll take some cooked vegetables

situation 6: Say in Italian

a. I'll take a steak and fried potatoes

b. I'll take some roast chicken and peas

c. I would like some leg of lamb with green beans

d. I would like a rib eye steak with a side dish

e. I would like mixed fried seafood

situation 7: AUDIO ONLY

situation 8: AUDIO ONLY

situation 9: Tell the waiter in Italian:

a. I would like half a liter of red house wine.

b. I would like a bottle of red Falerno.

c. I would like a bottle of white Capri.

d. I would like a glass of beer.

situation 10: In Italian, ask the waiter to bring:

a. Some bread and some butter.

b. Some mineral water.

c. Some salt.

d. Some sugar.

e. A fork.

f. An ashtray.




Key to Self-evaluation Quiz

1. (Che cosa desiderate per cominciare?)

What would you like to start (with)?

2. Cos'è questo?

3. (Sono un tipo di gamberi dell'Adriatico, cotti con cognac.)

They are a kind of large prawn from the Adriatic Sea, cooked in cognac.

4. a. Io vorrei del pollo.

b. Io vorrei del pesce oggi.

5. a. Io prenderei del prosciutto.

b. Io prenderei degli antipasti (antipasto

c. Io prenderei de1'insa1ata verde.

d. Io prenderei delle verdure cotte.

6.  a. Prenderei una bistecca con patate fritte

b. Prenderei del pollo arrosto con piselli.

c. Vorrei del cosciotto d'agnello con fagioloni

d. Vorrei una lombatina con contorno.

e. Prenderei del fritto misto.

7. (Vuole dei funghi o degli spinaci per contorno?)

Do you want some mushrooms or some spinach as a side dish?

8. (Che vorrebbe bere, del vino, o della birra?)

you like to drink, some wine or some beer?

9. a.Vorrei mezzo litro di vino rosso da tavola

b. Vorrei una bottiglia di Falerno rosso.

c. Vorrei una bottiglia di Capri bianco.

d. Vorrei un bicchiere di birra.

10. a. Cameriere, mi porti del pane e del burro

b. Cameriere, mi porti dell'acqua minerale.

c. Cameriere, mi porti del sale.

d. Cameriere, mi porti dello zucchero.

e. Cameriere, mi porti una forchetta.

f. Cameriere, mi porti un portacenere.