Theme 2: Getting around

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At the end of this theme, you should be able to perform following tasks in Italian:

Lesson 1

1. a. Ask a taxi driver at a taxi stand if he is free.

    b. Ask a friend if he or she is free at specific times (now, today, tomorrow, this afternoon, etc.).

2. Tell the taxi driver to take you to a certain place.

3. Say whether you have luggage or not.

4. Ask the driver how much you owe him.

5. Understand numbers (to 1,000) in the context of cab fares.

Lesson 2

6. Buy a train ticket from the ticket agent at the train station (first/second class, round trip).

7. Understand and use "there is/are," "there isn't/aren't."

8. Ask questions like "How much is it in first/second class?"

9. Understand numbers over 1,000 in the context of train fares.

10. Ask what time the train, or someone, is leaving and understand answers.

11. Understand and tell the time.

12. Ask someone for the time of day.

13. Ask where someplace, or someone, is.

14. Understand directions (left, right, over there, at the end of the hallway, in the back of a room).

Lesson 3

15. Ask the bus conductor where you must transfer and understand his responses.

16. Purchase a bus ticket in a city bus.


Lesson 4

17. Ask someone if there is a gas station in the vicinity and understand the answer.

18. Ask for gas at a gas station (either regular OR premium).

19. Ask the station attendant for highway directions: (how to get to (city) and understand answers (go straight ahead, turn left/right, etc.).

20. Say "Excuse me. I don't understand. Speak slowly, please."

21. Ask the station attendant to check the oil and the radiator.

22. Understand a word of caution from the station attendant, such as "Be careful on the road," and "It's foggy today."


Lesson 5

23. Say that you have car trouble.

24. Ask the driver if he can take you to the next village.

25. Ask someone where you can find a telephone.

26. Understand when you are told that you can telephone from the post office or from a bar.

27. Verbally report an auto accident and give the approximate distance to the accident site.

28. Ask someone to call the police.

29. Say in Italian, "Quick! There are injured."


The Theme is divided in 5 lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Al posteggio dei tass√¨ (At the taxi stand)
  1. Conversation 1
  2. Exercises
  3. Self-Evaluation Quiz
  • Lesson 2: Alla biglietteria della stazione ferroviaria (At the ticket window on the railway station)
  1. Conversation 
  2. Exercises
  3. Self-Evaluation Quiz
  • Lesson 3: Sull'autobus (On the bus)
  1. Conversation 
  2. Exercises
  3. Self-Evaluation Quiz
  • Lesson 4: Alla Stazione Di Servizio (At the gas station)
  1. Conversation 
  2. Exercises
  3. Self-Evaluation Quiz
  • Lesson 5: Emergencies on the road
  1. Conversation 
  2. Exercises