Getting around - Lesson 3 - Self-Evaluation Quiz:


(On the bus)

(photo by  Jörg Jennerich used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
italian bus


Situation 1: You want to go to NATO. As you board the bus, ask the driver where you have to change.

Situation 2: You want to go to the American Consulate. Politely ask a man at the bus stop which bus you have to take to get there.

Situation 3: Tell the ticket agent that you would like a ticket for via Chiaia.

Situation 4: AUDIO ONLY

Situation 5: AUDIO ONLY




Key to Self-evaluation Quiz

1. Per andare alla NATO dove devo cambiare?

2. Mi scusi. Per andare al Consolato Americano quale autobus devo prendere?

3. Vorrei un biglietto per via Chiaia.

4. (Per andare al Consolato Americano, deve prendere il 26, cambiare in Piazzale Tecchio, e prendere il 102.)

He said that in order to go to the American Consulate you have to take the 26, transfer at Piazzale Tecchio and take the 102.

5. (Ecco. Sono 100 lire, per cortesia.)

The ticket agent said, "Here. One hundred lire, please."