Getting around - Lesson 4 - Self-Evaluation Quiz:

Alla Stazione Di Servizio

(At the gas station)

(photo by  Mattia Boero used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
gas station italy


Part I

Listen carefully to the Italian statement and select the English equivalent from the four choices by choosing one of the letters a, b, c, or d.



a Be careful on the road; there's fog today.

b Be careful. Don't take that road. There is so much fog.

c Go slowly on the freeway. It's foggy today.

d Be careful on the road. There is fog this morning.



a The service station is about two or three km from the taxi stand.

b Drive for two or three km and you will find Central Station.

c There is a service station about two or three km from here

d You'll find the railroad station about two or three km from here.



a Go straight for about 10 km. At the crossroad turn right, then to your left.

b Take the first right. Drive for about 15 km. At the crossroad, make a left, then go straight.

c Go straight for about 10 km. When you come to the crossroad, turn right. Then it's straight ahead.

d Keep right until you find a crossroad. Go straight for about 15 km. Then make a left.



a Where can I gas up?

b Shall I fill it up, sir?

c How much do I owe you for the gas, sir?

d How much is it for the fill-up?


Part II

Respond in Italian during the pauses provided on the tape. Then listen to the confirmation after each situation.


Situation 1: Ask if there is an Agip station in the vicinity.

Situation 2: Ask if there are taxis nearby.

Situation 3: At the service station, tell the attendant to fill it up with super.

Situation 4:  Say that you would like 15,000 lire of super.

Situation 5:  At the service station, ask the attendant if he accepts NATO gas coupons.

Situation 6:  How would you ask the station attendant how to get to Rome?

Situation 7:  Tell the attendant that you don't understand and ask him if he can speak more slowly.

Situation 8:  Ask the attendant if he could check the oil and the radiator.

Situation 9:  Thank the attendant and ask him how much it is.


Part III


You will hear five directions given in Italian. After each direction, select the appropriate English equivalent from the six choices, a through f.


1. ___________

a. Continue straight ahead.

2. ___________

b. It's to the right.

3. ___________

c. Turn right.

4. ___________

d. Go right.

5. ___________

e. Straight ahead


f. Turn left.


Part IV

Listen to five figures given in Italian Select the appropriate English equivalent from the eight choices, a through h.


1. ___________

a. about 300 km

2. ___________

b. about 50 dollars

3. ___________

c. about 7 km

4. ___________

d. about 12 days

5. ___________

e. about 15 km


f. about 100 dollars


g. about 10 days


h. about 30 km


Part V

You will hear five sentences involving prices and distances Listen for the numbers and write them down


1. _________

2. _________    _________

3. _________

4. _________

5. _________





Key to Self-evaluation Quiz

Part I

1. a

2. c

3. c

4. a


Part II

1. C'è una stazione Agip nelle vicinanze?

2. Ci sono tassì nelle vicinanze?

3. Faccia il pieno di super.

4. Vorrei 15.000 lire di super.

5. Accettate i buoni NATO per la benzina?

6. Mi scusi, per andare a Roma?

7. Scusi, non capisco, può parlare più lentamente.

8. Vorrebbe controllare l'olio e i1 radiatore?

9. Grazie tante. Quant’è?


Part III

1. e

2. f

3. d

4. c

5. a

Part IV

1. e

2. c

3. g

4. h

5. f


Part V

1. 18.500 lire

2. 15.750, 1.800 lire

3. About 40 km

4. 65.000 lire

5. 5 km