Getting around - Lesson 5 - Conversation:

Emergencies on the road

(photo by  Uberto used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
car accident


Fare l'autostop per un guasto alla macchina

Don Smith:

Scusi, ho un guasto alla macchina. Potrebbe darmi un passaggio fino al prossimo paese?


Ma certamente. Salga!

Don Smith:

Da dove posso telefonare?


Può andare ad un bar o alla posta.



Notificare un incidente stradale

Don Smith:

Scusi, Signore. C'è stato un incidente stradale vicino a Sorrento a circa due km da qui. Può chiamare la polizia, per favore? Presto! Ci sono dei feriti!



A car breakdown

Don Smith:

Excuse me, I've got car trouble. Could you give me a lift as far as (to) the next village?

Cab Driver:

But certainly. Get in!

Don Smith:

Where can I telephone?

Cab Driver:

You can go to a bar or to the post office.



Reporting an auto accident

Don Smith:

Excuse me, sir. There has been an auto accident near Sorrento about two km from here. Can you call the police, please? Quick! There are injured!


Notes on conversation

1. Un guasto alla macchina, "a car breakdown."

2. Un passaggio, "a lift."

3. Posta is the short form for ufficio postale, "post office."

4. C’è stato, There has been." For example, C'è stato un incidente stradale.

5. Incidente means "accident," and accidente means "incident" in Italian.

6. Be aware that, in Italy, hitchhiking on freeways is against the law. It is also against navy regulations.

7. In case of trouble, pull off to the emergency lane and wait for the A.C.I. (Automobile Club Italia), Soccorso Stradale, or the police.