Shopping - Lesson 2 - Self-Evaluation Quiz:

Al forno / pasticceria

(At the bakery/pastry shop )

(photo by  Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar used under terms of Creative Commons license.)


Situation 1: Tell the baker that you would like two loaves of coarse white bread and three rolls.

Situation 2: Ask the baker to give you also six croissants and two filoni di lusso.

Situation 3: Tell the baker that you would like a dozen assorted pastries.

Situation 4: You're looking at some pastries and the baker asks you, Che paste desidera? Pointing to some pastries, answer that you would like two of these and six of those.

Situation 5: The clerk doesn't see where you're pointing and reaches for the wrong piece of pastry. Tell her, "No, not that one, this one."




Key to Self-evaluation Quiz

1. Vorrei due pani casalinghi e tre panini.

2. Vorrei anche sei cornetti e due filoni di lusso.

3. Vorrei una dozzina di paste assortite.

4. Vorrei due di queste e sei di quelle.

5. No, non quella, questa.