Shopping - Lesson 5 - Self-Evaluation Quiz:

Dal pescivendolo

(At the fish market)

(photo by  Rene Cunningham used under terms of Creative Commons license.)


Situation 1: Ask the person at the fish market if he has:

a. Prawns.

b. Mussels.

c. Oysters.

d. Shrimp.

Situation 2: Say to the person at the fish market that you would like:

a. A kilo of shrimp.

b. A kilo of mussels.

c. Two dozen oysters.

Situation 3: Ask the person at the fish market:

a. How much is a kilo?

b. How much is a dozen?

c. How much are the shrimp?

Situation 4: Tell the person at the fish market to give you

a. Four slices of it.

b. Two kilos of mussels.

c. A dozen oysters.




Key to Self-evaluation Quiz

1. a. Ha gamberi?

b. Ha cozze?

c. Ha ostriche?

d. Ha gamberetti?

2. a. Vorrei un chilo di gamberetti.

b. Vorrei un chilo di cozze.

c. Vorrei due dozzine di ostriche.

3. a. Quanto costa al chilo?

b. Quanto costa una dozzina?

c. Quanto costano i gamberetti?

4. a. Me ne dia quattro fette.

b. Mi dia due chili di cozze.

c. Mi dia una dozzina di ostriche.