Telephone calls - Lesson 2 - Self-Evaluation Quiz:

Ha sbagliato numero

(You have the wrong number)

(photo by  Artondra Hall used under terms of Creative Commons license.)
wrong phone numer


Situation 1: Look at the telephone conversation below. Play the role of the person being called, Renato Rossi, and give your response in Italian during the pauses There will be no confirmation of your response during this quiz. Instead, you will find the answers in the Key.


Don Smith: Hello! Mario?

Signor Rossi: Who? With whom do you wish to speak?

Don Smith: With Mario Neri.

Signor Rossi: I'm sorry, but there's not any Mario Neri here!

Don Smith: So, this is not 2, 1, 6, 53, 23?

Signor Rossi: No, you have the wrong number!

Don Smith: Excuse me.

Signor Rossi: It's nothing.


Situation 2: Let's repeat the conversation, but this time play the role of Don Smith




Key to Self-evaluation Quiz

1. Pronto Mario?

Con Mario Neri.

Allora questo non è 11. 2, 1, 6, 53, 232

Mi scusi.

2. Chi? Con chi vuole parlare.

Mi dispiace, non c'è nessun Mario Neri qui!

No, ha sbagliato numero!

Di niente!