Telephone calls - Lesson 6 - Conversation:

Telefonate d'emergenza

(Emergency calls)

(photo by  Croce Rossa Torino used under terms of Creative Commons license.)


Don Smith:

Pronto! Pronto Soccorso? Aiuto! Potete mandare un’ambulanza? Presto! Mia moglie è svenuta.

Pronto Soccorso:

Il Suo nome e indirizzo, Signore? Veniamo subito!

Don Smith:

Don Smith, via Camilla, numero 8, terzo piano.



Don Smith:

Hello! Emergency Assistance? Help! Can you send an ambulance? Quick! My wife has fainted.

Emergency Assistance:

Your name and address, sir? We'll come right away!

Don Smith:

Don Smith, 8 Camilla Street, third floor.


Notes on conversation

1. Emergency numbers are listed at the beginning of the telephone directory. If you do not have the specific number for the service you need, call 113 Emergency Assistance.

2. Public service agencies are also listed at the front of the directory, as well as optional telephone services: time of day, wake-up service, road conditions, weather reports, telephone secretarial service, and even Italian regional recipes, to mention a few.

3. Included in the yellow pages of the telephone book is a section listing commercial services in English.